NFM: Richard Frankle President of NAMEF 2021

NFM: Richard Frankle - President of NAMEF

NFM Managing Director appointed as President of the Namibian Equestrian Federation (NAMEF) 2021

NFM Managing Director Richard Frankle for NAMEF

NFM- Namibia Facility ManagementWe strive towards our social responsibility within in the Namibian community. Therefore, NFM managing director, Mr. Richard Frankle has been appointed as President of NAMEF. He took office on the 11th of April 2021.  

Active NAMEF rider in the Family

His daughter Rachel Frankle (14Years)  is an avid rider, consequently she has received several awards in different categories. Accordingly,  NFM director, Mr. Frankle has developed a passion for the sport of horse riding, especially show jumping and dressage. Hence he decided to run for president of NAMEF in 2021. 

Past Social Engagements: Cricket Namibia

Furthermore, our NFM-managing director also has past experience at top level boards. This includes being elected as President of Cricket Namibia from 2014 to 2018. As a result, Mr. Frankle has devoted his entire life towards contributing to his social responsibility in the community.

Mission and Visions for NAMEF

NFM:  Mr. Richard Frankle President of NAMEF statement for the equestrian sport in Namibia. 

My Mission Statement is as follows :

“To ensure the continued sustainability, growth and development of the Equestrian Sport in Namibia in a challenging world, through sound business principles, good Corporate Governance and Accountability.

The above can only be achieved through constant, open communication between all stakeholders to ensure that through teamwork, all equestrian disciplines move in the right direction and achieve their goals.”

My Vision for our sport in Namibia is:

“To facilitate a United Riding Community, whereby the potential of each horse and rider, irrespective of riding discipline, can be realized locally, regionally and internationally by building solid, honest relationships within the riding communities in Namibia, the region and Internationally. Together, we can!”

NFM- Ethos and Social Responsibility

Part of NFM’s ethos is enriching and empowering the youth of Namibia. Therefore, it fills us with pride that Mr. Frankle has committed himself to this post.

Furthermore, NAMEF strives to uplift the Equestrian Sport as a whole.  With Mr. Frankle at the helm we are confident that large strides can be made during his tenure. There is a large pool of talent which exists within the sport. However, part of the challenge is to exploit these talents on an African as well as Global Platform.

Finally we look forward to track progress made as Mr. Frankle embarks on this new and exciting venture.

Yours in Writing – the NFM Team

NFM- Namibia Facility Management

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