NFM One-page-website for Small Business in Namibia

NFM- Namibia Facility Management: One-Page Website for small Business

Do you want to increase your small business? It is time to get ONLINE. Join the benefits of a one-page-website in Namibia. But what is actually a one-page website? We have the answer!

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NFM One-page website in Namibia Informations

  • What is a ONE-PAGE-WEBSITE?
  • How does a One-Page Website look like?
  • What is special about a single page website?
  • What do you need for a One-Page-Website?
  • What are the Benefits of a single page website?
  • Why is it important to get online now?


Definition: A one-page website or single page website is a website with all content existing on one single web page. Instead of having multiple linked pages, there is just one scroll able page that contains your information. This content showcases the business’s “About”, “Service or Product Description” as well as “Contact Details”. Thus making one-page-websites  highly time-saving and user target-oriented

A One-page website is ideal for small business especially in Namibia, considering the country’s poor internet access. Its simple design and functionalities makes it easy to maintain and gives a great user experience.

NFM: How does a ONE-PAGE WEBSITE look like?

Websites are built with customized templates. A one-page website stands out with a minimalistic and organized design. Normally it includes more images than text information. The Layout works in a linear way, with the option to scroll down or jump to the exact position through the menu bar on the same page.

What is special about a ONE-PAGE WEBSITE

A one-page website consists of one HTML page that include all featured content. Typically, the page navigation is in a linear scroll-down direction, but a menu bar can also be integrated at the top. Different to multi-page-websites, the user will not get links to other pages, but instead “jumps” to the exact section of the same page.

What do you need for a ONE-PAGE WEBSITE?

To get started, you need a domain, hosting and web developer to design and create your website. A Domain is the unique URL (web address) for your website such as The price for your website domain depends on the ending, i.e. com,, net or org. The hosting is a platform where your website is stored online and the price depends on the size and functionality of your site. You need bigger storage for an e-commerce than a one-page website.

What are the Benefits of a ONE-PAGE WEBSITE

Having a one-page website in Namibia includes many benefits that your business can enjoy in the long term:

1O Reasons why you should get a One-Pager Website

  • Ideal for small business (Online Business Card)
  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly (vs over complex multi-page websites)
  • Smooth navigation (view all sections by scrolling down)
  • Strong design: simplicity, uncluttered, creative and at the same time organized
  • Fully responsive for desktop, tablet and cellphone
  • More mobile friendly (mobile search has taken over)
  • Page speed/ page performance (Just focused content not overfilled with superfluous information or misleading links)
  • Requires less storage (Hosting)
  • Easy to develop (creating, building and maintenance)

Why is it important to get online now?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the economy throughout the entire world. The private life as well as the business environment is moving into the digital space and it is critical not to be left behind.

Walk-in customers are becoming less and less everyday. People use the internet to find solutions for their upcoming problems. Nowadays it is essential for your business to get found in the search results of GOOGLE.

Get your small business ONLINE, be a part of the transition to digitalization in 2021 and join the benefits of a website for your business to survive the economic crisis, grow and emerge stronger from it. We can help you increase your profits with NFM in Namibia.

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